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What is Confimax?

Confimax is a first of its kind service that answers the age old question, "has my email been delivered and read or is it hopelessly lost in cyberspace?" A number of commercial services have attempted to quell this fear by providing delivery confirmation service for email, but none have been universally successful. For instance, America Online can confirm the delivery of emails sent between its members only. Likewise, users of certain corporate email packages can send certified emails only to their fellow employees. Unfortunately, none of these solutions work across varying platforms and email software. AOL members don't know when the messages they send to non AOL subscribers are read, and users of software such as Lotus Notes can't send certified email to addresses outside of the company. Until now. is a unique service that lets you know when the emails you send are read, regardless of the software you use to send it and the message platform the recipient uses to read it. When you send a Confimax message, you are notified the instant the recipient reads it! Confimax gives you the confidence and assurance of knowing that your important message successfully traveled over the internet and reached the intended recipient. For instance, if you sent an email message like this using Confimax:

You would immediately receive this receipt when the message is read!

Additionally, you may logon to to review in database fashion the times and dates when all your Confimax messages were read, as well as from what internet (IP) address.

With Confimax, you'll never again have to worry if that important document, personal correspondence, or time-sensitive message was received.

While there have been other attempts to implement email delivery confirmation, none are as powerful and simple as Confimax. AOL subscribers are limited by the fact that they can only retrieve delivery confirmation on messages sent to other AOL subscribers. Lotus Notes users do not have delivery confirmation with outside business contacts, the very time when such a service is most valuable. And while users of Microsoft Outlook can "request a read receipt" for each message sent, the receipt is only sent if the recipient also uses Outlook AND chooses to send the receipt by clicking on the appropriate button of a popup dialog box.

Confimax solves these problems. The Confimax service works between users of different operating systems, internet service providers, and email programs. Additionally, recipients of Confimax messages are not required to take any action for the delivery receipt to be sent, as it is done automatically and immediately by the Confimax servers.

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