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Confimax is just about the best thing that ever happened to email since its invention. Since I run a web development business, knowing that another party received my email is critical. Now, I never have to worry again. I can determine exactly when the message is read either from the log on the Confimax site (which I keep open all the time) or from the confirmation email I receive. Since we also invoice our clients via email, I'll never have to listen to "I didn't get your email invoice" again.

Prior to finding Confimax, I tested multiple other similar products. Many of them required the recipient to log into a web page to retrieve their messages. That wasn't convenient. Others were unreliable and worked about half the time. I'm delighted with Confimax. It is extremely reliable and works every single time. Technical support has been courteous and helpful and they respond promptly. All around, I have to say I'm really happy to have found this product. I've told everyone I know about it! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. This is a truly great, innovative, and much needed product.

I signed up for the Professional Plan. It's probably the best $59.95 I ever spent.

Siobhan G. Tobin
Siobhan Envisions Evolved Websites

I would like to place on record, that I am very impressed on your product.

I was skeptical as I am in South Africa and you guys are most probably in the states. I also email all over the world i.e. Australia, England, Taiwan, Korea. I have tested it for a few days and was so impressed that I upgraded to your Top package yesterday.


Graham Levy
South Africa

I have made Confimax an integral part of my day to day electronic communication. As a heavy email user like a lot of executives these days I am concerned my messages get to people in a timely fashion and just as important I know they got the message. It is not uncommon to have a very large unread email inbox and Confimax lets me know my messages got through and when.

I rely on Confimax for both external and internal communications. The external is primarily customer or partner related and the internal to my organization. With today's mobile work forces I am confident my messages get through and I have documentation to support when the communication was not only received but read. It also give me an idea of who is online as the confirmations happen instantly ( kind of a virtual online buddy system for people on all kinds of disparate email systems) The install was a simple 3-5 minute process and away you go.

J. Murphy
Boston, Massachusetts

I think that Confimax is the best and most useful program I found the last two years. I'm living in China, and I send many messages everyday. I ask for the "read receipt" but only 20% click this option, so I never knew if all my messages were read.

Now with Confimax I can know if and when my messages are read, and I can also have a log of all sent messages. Congratulation to everybody who worked on this program.

Claudio Didero
Beijing, China

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