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Welcome To Confimax!

Thank you for your interest in Confimax-the only universal, integrated certified email service. You probably arrived here by clicking on this graphic from the bottom of an email message:

That graphic means the email you just read was certified by Confimax-that is, the sender of the message was issued a delivery confirmation receipt when you read it!

If you're going to go through the trouble of sending an email, wouldn't you like to at least know that it has successfully reached its recipient, and is not hopelessly lost in cyberspace!

Now, you can.

With Confimax, you are notified the instant the emails you send are read. There is no need for the recipient to be using a specific software package, or to proactively choose to send you a receipt, as the notice is sent automatically and immediately.

You can send Confimax messages directly from within your current email program by downloading our small plug-in that places a CONFIMAX button directly next to your standard SEND button. Alternatively, if your mail program does not support plug-ins, you can send Confimax messages by slightly changing the recipient's address. (Useful for web based email such as hotmail accounts)

So, what are you waiting for? Start sending Confimax messages immediately for FREE! Or, choose one of our affordable, expanded-functionality plans! To learn more, click HERE.

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