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How does it work?

If you use a common mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes, you can download a small plug-in that will add a Confimax button to your toolbar.

If you decide you'd like to confirm the delivery of a particular message, simply click Confimax when you would normally click send. You will receive an email receipt as soon as the message is read.

Although the plug-in simplifies the process, it is not necessary to send a Confimax message. In fact, you can send Confimax messages directly from within ANY email program by making a slight modification to the recipient's address.

For instance, if you want to send a Confimax message to:

Simply replace the "@" with an "=", then add "" on to the end of the address, making the new address look like this:

This same process will work for all email addresses becomes becomes becomes

This process ensures that the Confimax service is available to users of programs that plug-ins cannot be made for, such as AOL, Hotmail, and other web based email services.

Additionally, you may send Confimax messages directly from the web site. Simply login to your account, and click on the “Send A Confimax Message” button.

When a Confimax message is sent, the Confimax server adds the necessary confirmation code to the message. A delivery stamp like the one below is placed at the end of the message. Users on the professional plan may opt to use their own custom image, or forgo the stamp completely.

To ensure privacy, messages are not stored on the server and are instead passed directly to the recipient, embedded with the required Confimax code. This process adds less than 30 seconds to the delivery time of the message.

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